Sailing Club Committee Meeting minutes 22.10.23



Steve P, Steve S, Vivienne, Ori, Emma, Julia, Tristan, Angela, Jack



N/A - meeting during derigging


Matters arising:


Race Coach level 2:

 This took place at the start of August, and 4 club members are now qualified as race coaches - Steve P, Ori, Matthew and Angela. This will increase the variety of RYA courses the club can offer, as well as supporting regular activity. Thanks to Jamie Rogers for running the course.



The regatta was a successful weekend, with 24 boats and 34 people sailing over the weekend. Thanks to all the great support from members on the rescue boats, race officers and kitchen.


Gunn trophy:

The Gunn trophy was also a success. Two teams from Portree and two from Lochcarron entered, and because of the lack of wind, the teams played a series of inter-club games, including paddle races, ball chase, basket ball, one sailing race, and one novelty sailing race. Many thanks to the Spar who generously sponsored this event again this year, and thanks to all who baked for the event.


Storm Damage:

The pioneer broke free of its mooring, the running mooring came loose, and the roof came loose on the decking area in the recent strong easterly winds. The roof is temporarily held down thanks to Steve S, and will need to be taken down. Look into replacing the roofing in the spring.


Both RIBS are temporarily out of action:

The Humber key has snapped in the ignition, and the Highfield electrics have been underwater.


Dave M has suggested that we put in a mooring that the sailing club could use in the bay behind the club for extreme weather conditions e.g. for RIBs.



10 people came to help with the derigging, and many thanks to everyone who volunteered.



Due to recent events, the club recommends labelling all items left in the club house or boat park: e.g. with name, post code, sail number as appropriate.



Bank form to be completed - transfer of treasurers in progress. Highland Games holding money for the sailing club and is able to use that money to pay for purchases and club expenses.


All grant purchases are now complete, AG to write, update and thank Community Council. 4.7 said have arrived. Also purchase of nearly new pico sails including a race sail.



Minutes to be uploaded to the website from now on.


News letter:

Include notification that the boat shed is going to be busy over the winter so if you want shed space, please book ahead.

Laying up supper - potluck supper, 4th November 6pm, room preparation 1pm. Need numbers, no charge, quiz. Games - build a boat, after eight game.



Permission has been sought to take back the trees overhanging and bordering the boat park to a reasonable extent. This will be the main focus of the February work party.



Steve S has kindly offered to work on the Day boat in the spring prior to selling. Mitch has kindly donated his launching trolley to go with it. 


Work parties:

Sunday 26th November:  Grounds and Clubhouse maintenance

TBA February: Trees,Grounds, boat and clubhouse maintenance


AGM: TBA February

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